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School History|Founder|Past Principals|Past Head Prefects


History of Anula Vidyalaya

It was in the year 1941 that Anula Vidyalaya was inaugurated with Dr. E.W.Adhikaram as its pioneering founder. According to the Buddhist history it was Queen Anula who attained the first stage of Arahantship on the occasion of preaching of Dhamma by Arahant Mahinda who visited Sri Lanka. As a respect for great reputation honour and example set by Queen Anula for women that this Vidyalaya was named Anula Vidyalya.

This Vidyalaya was first setup for Buddhist girls in a rented building on 6th January 1945 by Dr. E.W.Adhikaram with the assistance of messers E.W.Rupasinghe and P.D.Kodagoda. The first Principal was Mrs. P.B.Fernando, she served Anula Vidyalaya for 15 years without getting any salary. Thirty-eight students were admitted to the school on the 1st day of its inauguration. At the end of the year the number on roll was 178 and classes from kindergarten up to senior classes were conducted in cadjan sheds.

Subsequently a great philanthropist by name H.D.Bustian donated a house and property which belonged to him this school. Anula Vidyalaya which was managed by a Board of Management became a Government School in 1960. Gradually this school progressed with the construction of new buildings. School which has at present a student population of nearly 4500 has become a leading Girl’s School among National Schools with special physical resources.